Measuring of the contact force and pressure between two random mating surfaces:

  • Detecting, measuring and analisys of the forces and pressure distribution
  • Drawing 2D or 3D forces and pressure maps
  • Detecting surfaces and contact or touch intensity and measuring the forces' variation speed.

The products are manufactured by TEKSCAN USA - World leader in sensors and pressure and contact forces measurement equipment. This includes sensors, electronic scanning units and data acquisition and analysis software.


The main part is the high resolution thin film-like sensor  - breveted solution.

Characteristics:4256E Sensor

              • Thickness starting from 0,1 mm.
              • Nominal measuring range 5 mmHg up to 175 Mpa (scaled 1 to 300 000).
              • Measuring points density up to 248/cm2
              • A sensor's surface can even reach 8 m2





  • Measuring and testing
  • Research
  • Project validation
  • Quality control
  • Auto tyres – pressure map
  • Breaking Systems and break plates


  • Windscreen wipers
  • Airbags
  • Gaskets
  • Auto seats – design and comfort
  • Impact studies
  • Lamination, pressing and wrapping processes
  • Vehicles mounting processes and fuel cells
  • Robotics
  • Electronics and semiconductors

TireScan Pressure Display