TermoTEST - Test plant for heat-meters' thermoresistors


The plant is used for periodical check of the heat-meters thermoresistors.  18 individual or 9 pairs of A or B class thermoresistors can be checked simultaneously. The checking can be made on two or four wires.

The equipment meets the EN60751, EN1434, NML 4-04-01 and NTM 3-159/94 standards.





  • 3 thermostated baths: with liquid, thermoregulator and cooling system included, PID control algorythms and serial communication interface, with working temperatures range of - 35°C  ÷ 300°C, stability and uniformity better than 0.01°C
  • Digital multimeter: 6 ½ digits, with communication interface
  • Precision scanner: 20 ÷ 40 measuring channels
  • 3 reference temperature transducers: type PT100
  • 1 standard PT100 transducer calibrated between -50°C ÷ 250°C
  • Fast connecting panel for thermoresistors wires
  • Computer and printer


Data acquisition and  processing software: the software allows the test configuration, controls data acquisition and scanning, automatically calculates Ro, A and B values of each tested thermoresistor according to the resistances measured for each of the three temperatures from the thermostated baths, calculates the thermoresistors precision classes, checks pairing errors, saves the results, issues test protocol and metrological checking bulletin and allows results printing. 

The plant’s number of baths can be configured on request, according to the application and the available budget, without disregarding the legal requirements.


InTEST - Test plant for heat-meters' energy calculators


The plant is designed for checking the heat-meters' energy calculators.

- flow and temperature simulator STD15NX – intelligent microprocessor controlled equipment which simulates the heat-meters temperature sensors (PT100, PT500 or PT1000), with high stability and  precision resistors and flow impulses (with programable shape, frequency and number) which the heat-meters receive from their flowmeters.





InTEST software application allows the test configuration, saves the results, allows protocol test and metrological checking bulletin editting and results printing.

  • serial interface for communication with the computer and with intelligent thermal energy calculators, according to the EN60870-5, EN61107 and M-Bus - EN1434 protocols
  • test adapters specific for each thermal energy calculator, for performing a  “rapid test” check
  • it can independently run controlled by its own keyboard or from the computer through the InTEST software, which coordinates the process and releases a verification bulletin

Technical characteristics:

  • voltage output signals: 0-5V, 0-3.6V, open colector (equivalent of reed relay) or other voltages, on demand
  • programmable output frequency: 0.1 – 1000 Hz
  • programmable duty-factor 10% - 100%
  • number of generated impulses: continuous or programable between 1-2 000 000 impulses
  • simulates a pair of temperature transducers type PT100 and/or PT500 (PT1000 on demand) according to NML 4-06-01
  • impulse counting input



FlowTEST - Test plant for warm/cold water flowmeters


Diameters: DN15-DN200 – configurable
Flows: 0.015-300 m3/h – according to the diameters
Temperatures: 30°C-90°C
Measuring error: 0.2%
Primary standard: precision scale
Secondary standard: electromagnetic flowmeter
Number of meters simultaneously checked: on demand
Automatic flow control
Automatic data processing


  • automation
  • automatic flowmeter reading interfaces
  • electronic calibrator for water meters and flowmeters
  • hand terminal
  • static test or dinamic test

Custom hardware configuration is possible on demand.