Ultrapure and viscous liquids flow measurement on pipes ranging from 8mm to 5000mm diameter or on open channels with applications for:

-industrial, chemical and petrochemical processes supervising, no matter the pressure or aggresiveness of the liquid. For measurements in explosive environments please contact us.

-adjustments of the heating and air conditioning networks, with the possibility of calculating the caloric power with temperature measurement option

-measurements in hidraulic circuits with the possibility of measuring the energy, asociated with the pressure measurement
-analysis of the networks in water distribution systems
-detecting the waste in pipes
-supervising of the plant pipes before and after the repairs
-measurements in location with a high risk of radioactive contamination (Cogema, SGN)



ULTRAFLUX - France products:


Portable flowmeters for liquids:
UF 801-P
DigiSonic P/E
Minisonic P
Fixed flowmeters for liquids in pressurised pipes:
MiniSonic 600/2000
UF 322 L
Gas flowmeters:
UF 322 G
Flowmeters for open ducts:
UF 322 CO
UF 322 RV

MINISONIC ISDMinisonic 600/2000