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Producer EasyPower - USA.

EasyPower Suite

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              • Receive detailed critical reports automatically - and avoid creating them yourself
              • Eliminate dangerous and costly electrical hazards
              • Comply with NEC rules and ANSI standards
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Products, solutions and services for consumption optimization and electric power quality ensurance for industrial consumers, electric power producers and distributors.
Producer: Merus POWER - Finland.



Reactive power compensation capacitors for low and medium voltage

          • Ecological dielectric
          • High reliability
          • Fast electronic dischargers for L.V. capacitors
          • Internal fuses and Stainless Steel casings for M.V. capacitors
          • Low dielectric loss
          • Single-phase and triphase M.V.





Air core reactors for medium voltage

Reactors for reactive power compensation filters
Reactors for long distribution lines compensation
Current limiting reactors for capacitor bank connection
SVC reactors
Short-circuit current and power limiting reactors




Capacitor batteries

              • with automatic power factor regulator
              • with or without harmonic filters
              • with or without detuned filters
              • switching by means of contactors or thyristors (for fast reactive power variations tracking)
              • discharge through resistors or electronical devices (for fast discharge, losses decreasing and fast switching through contactors)





Active MaxSine Filters

Simultaneous functions:

  • Harmonics filtering
  • Reactive power compensation
  • Fliker reduction
  • Consumption balancing and current compensation for the neutral conductor
  • Working mode: FAST (20ms) and Ultra FAST (real time reply, < 1ms)
  • Construction alternatives for 3 or 4 conductors and current rating up to 400A
  • More MaxSine can be used in parallel, also in parallel with capacitors batteries
  • Operating terminal with numerical and graphical display and Modbus RS485 interface




Capacitor batteries and harmonics filters for medium voltage

              • indoor or outdoor
              • various connection schemes
              • closed (in electrical cabinet)or open
              • with or without limitting coils
              • with or without detuned reactors
              • individually configured for each application
              • with imbalance and overload protections


COMPENSATION SYSTEMS – Including complex plants for industrial users or electric power transport operators 

Industrial SVCs

Used for eliminating harmonics problems, voltage variations, asimetrical loading, fast variations of reactive power, caused by strongly interfering consumers, such as arc furnaces or rolling mills.
Industrial SVCs: reduce the Fliker, compensate reactive power, increase voltage and the available power, stabilize voltage.

SVC advantages: productivity increase, lower electrodes consumption, lower radiation waste, no reactive energy waste, service life increase for arc furnace HV/MV transformers.

SVCs for electric power transport operators

Used for eliminating harmonics problems, voltage variations, asimetrical loading, fast variations of reactive power, Fliker, power variations caused by: transmission line switchings, transmission lines damages, non-linear loads, fast active and reactive power variations, voltage variations.

SVC advantages: fewer harmonics caused by non-linear loads, lower Flicker phenomenon, transport network voltage stabilization and balance, increase in networks transportation capacity


MaxSine SVC

Executes same functions as classical SVCs, but it has a very small response time, being the fastest SVC on the market (superior to STATCOM systems)

MaxSine SVC is suitable for critical applications, since a classical SVC is unable to solve all the problems.

Series SVCs

An economical solution for lowering the inductive reactance of high and very high voltage transmission lines. They increase the static and dinamic stability, lower voltage drops and increase the transportation capacity.