Techno Volt provides you with didactic equipment, training kits, custom design solutions for all fields of the higher technical education system, technical highschools, vocational schools or training centers.



G.U.N.T. Geratebau Germany


Engineering Mechanics and Machine Elements


 Thermal Engineering and HVAC


Fluid Mechanics and Hydrology


Process Engineering





Energy and environment

 General catalog






Lucas-Nulle Germany




Automation Technology


Automotive Engineering


Industrial Process Automation


Power Engineering









Electrical Wiring Installation


Industrial Mechatronics System


Drive Technology & Electrical Machines


Basic training for electrical engineering and electronics





The Cool Tool GMBH Austria


Education CNC machines UNIMAT / PLAYMAT   








Heliocentris GMBH Germany


Fuel Cell Training Systems



FC42 Evaluation Package





Fuel Cell Systems



Fuel Cell Systems





GAMPT Germany


Ultrasound equipment for education and laboratories   








Smartec Switzerland


Fiber Optic Starter Kit - FISO