TECHNO VOLT provides didactic equipment, training kits, measurement and data acquisition instruments, custom design solutions for Higher Technical Education, Technical High-schools, Vocational Schools or Training Centers.
Main foreign partners in the Educational field are:
G.U.N.T. Geratebau - GERMANY – Mechanical Engineering and Machine Elements, Mechatronics, Thermal Engineering and HVAC, Fluid Mechanics and Hydrology, Process Engineering
LUCAS-NULLE -  GERMANY – Electrical Engineering Technology, Renewable Energies, Instrumentation and process control, automation, Power electronics, machines and drives, Information and communications technology, Automotive technology, Electrical, electronic and power engineering
The COOL TOOL AUSTRIA - Didactic CNC machines
HELIOCENTRIS - GERMANY – Fuel Cells and Hydrogen Technology  
GAMPT GERMANY - Ultrasound equipment for education and laboratories


-Solutions, products and services for energy saving and power quality improvement by reactive power compensation and harmonic filtering, for medium and low voltages, with active and passive harmonic filters, classical static VAR compensators and STATCOM compensators. Our partner in this field - MERUS POWER - FINLAND.

-Windows®-based electrical software tools for intelligently designing, analyzing, and monitoring electrical power systems. Partner EasyPower - SUA.

-Production, storage and conversion of regenerating sources of energy (Photovoltaic panels, fuel cells, inverters)



Techno Volt provides standard equipment (transducers, data control and acquisition systems, measuring instruments, electrical machines and frequency converters) as well as integrating solutions for automation and measurement.

Our partners:
CHROMA - NETHERLANDS - Programmable DC and AC power supplies, programmable electronic load, automatic test systems, test and measurement solutions in various fields: power electronics, electric vehicles, photovoltaic systems, passive components, laser diodes, LED lighting, batteries, semiconductors and integrated circuits.
DEWESOFT - SLOVENIA - Complete solutions (flexible hardware + powerfull software) for Data Acquisition, Test and Measurement in wide applications areas: metrology, automotive, aerospace & defence, transportation, industrial, power & energy, civil engineering.
WayCon - GERMANY – Measurement systems and professional sensors for all applications in areas of position and distance measurement techniques, level measurements and angle measurements.
eddyLab - GERMANY – Measurement systems and professional sensors for all applications in areas of position and distance measurement techniques, level measurements and angle measurements.
SMARTEC - Switzerland - Advanced solutions for complete structure monitoring (buildings, bridges, tunnels, dams), with fiber-optics or traditional sensors.
TEKSCAN - SUA - Flexible sensors for measuring the contact force and the pressure distribution between two random matting surfaces.
GILL INSTRUMENTS - UK – Ultrasonic wind measurement and weather monitoring, with further expertise in ignition and emissions control for industrial gas engines.
SEFRAM - FRANTA – Electronic recorders, data loggers, Electromagnetic field measuring instruments.
BK Precision - SUA – Electronic measurement and control devices, Signal generators, Digital oscilloscopes, Multimeters, Spectrum Analyzers, power supplies.
HT ITALIA - Power quality analyzers and data loggers, PV installation testers, Multifunction safety testers, Digital multimeters and digital clamp meters, Infrared cameras and thermometers
MITSUBISHI Electric - JAPAN – Frequency converters, Programmable logical controllers, Electrical commutation devices.
KISTLER - SWITZERLAND - Piezoelectric transducers for pressure, force, torque, acceleration – dynamometers and accelerometers – and the afferent electronics.


Test plants for the components of the heat-meters: thermoresistors, cold / warm water flowmeters and energy calculators.
Standard measuring systems or custom design solutions



Techno Volt is part of the research and development activity in partnership with the research and development centers in technical universities and national research and development institution. We can offer custom design solutions according to certain design requirements.