Quality is not a scope, it is a habit.

Techno Volt:  Quality is not a purpose, it is a habit

TECHNO VOLT was established in 1999 by a group of researchers and is a leader in providing equipment and solutions by domains:


  • Advanced advanced monitoring solutions for civil structures (buildings, bridges, tunnels, dams);
  • Training tools, training kits, measuring and control devices, specialized solutions for  technical universities, technical high schools, vocational schools or training centers;
  • Standard equipment (sensors and transducers, measurement and control systems, electrical appliances, etc.) as well as solutions for the integration of automation and measurement equipment in industry and research;
  • Equipment and solutions for reactive energy compensation and active filters at low and medium voltage;
  • Metrological stands for testing and calibration of heat meters developed through research projects.

TECHNO VOLT is a dynamic team with extensive experience and openness for the needs of the clients.


Through its own R & D department, in partnership with higher education institutions and research and development institutes, TECHNO VOLT participates actively in research projects.

Quality is a key word in TECHNO VOLT policy. The constant concern of a TECHNO VOLT company is an understanding and satisfaction of customers` needs, to develop lasting relationships with them so that they remain a credible, dynamic and innovative company.



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