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Strength of materials

Elastic line of a beam
Elastic line of a beamCode: SE 110.14
Demonstration of Maxwell-Betti theorem. SE 112 Mounting frame required.
Deformation of straight beams
Deformation of straight beamsCode: WP 950
Elastic lines of statically determinate and indeterminate beams under various clamping conditions .
Methods to determine the elastic line
Methods to determine the elastic lineCode: SE 110.47
Determination of elastic lines of a beam under load using the principle of virtual work and Mohr`s Analogy. SE...
Torsion of bars
Torsion of barsCode: SE 110.29
Investigation of elastic torsion of bars with open and closed cross section. SE 112 Mounting frame required.
Deformation of bars under bending or torsion
Deformation of bars under bending or torsionCode: WP 100
Influence of material, cross-section and clamping length on deformation.
Deformation of frames
Deformation of framesCode: SE 110.20
Elastic deformation of a statically determinate or indeterminate frame under point load; U-shaped and S-shaped frame. SE 112 Mounting...
Deformation of curved-axis beams
Deformation of curved-axis beamsCode: FL 170
Principle of virtual forces for calculating deformation.
Deformation of trusses
Deformation of trussesCode: SE 110.44
Application of Castigliano`s first theorem to calculate the deformation at a defined point. SE 112 Mounting frame required
Hertzian contact apparatus
Hertzian contact apparatusCode: TM 262
Demonstration of the resulting characteristics of the contact area as a function of the contact force.
Hooke`s law
Hooke`s lawCode: TM 400
Elastic behaviour of tension springs under load.
Investigation of simple stability problems
Investigation of simple stability problemsCode: SE 110.19
Determination of the buckling load under different conditions. SE 112 Mounting frame required.
Buckling behaviour of bars
Buckling behaviour of barsCode: WP 120
Verification of the Euler theory of buckling and buckling behaviour under the influence of material, cross-section, length and support.
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